This campaign is an attempt by the current generation of roleplayers to rediscover the magic of Dungeons and Dragons as it used to be in the days of the first Red and Blue boxes. I use the D&D B/X rules of Moldvay and Cook, and when the characters have become sufficiently powerful I’ll apply Mentzer’s Companion, Master and Immortal rules (Green,Black and Gold boxes), possibly with Planescape and Spelljammer adaptations from AD&D 2e and a few rules from AD&D 1e.

I’m too young to have done this the first time around, but while I play and love modern RPGs I believe we can’t fully appreciate where we are today without understanding the roots of the hobby and its most dominant rules system and universes.

Given my reasons for starting this campaign, I try to play by-the-book as much as possible, but freely wield my GM authority when I think it enhances the group’s enjoyment. Given the legendary lethality of D&D by the rules (3d6, in order, no mods; roll the first level’s hit points, no re-rolls), I track experience points by Player, not by Character. This way we stand a chance of using those advanced rules some day.

Johnny McEvil